Commit bbb8ae9a authored by Ricardo Araujo's avatar Ricardo Araujo
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Merge branch 'update_blade_config' into 'master'

Change blade configuration

See merge request !8
parents fb8a7101 b2f97cfe
......@@ -17,24 +17,24 @@
deploy_driver: 'agent_pxe_oneview'
branch-override: default
hwinfo-file: ci-oneview-hwinfo-blade7
hwinfo-file: ci-oneview-hwinfo-agent-blade8
user-image-file: ubuntu-vm-dhcp.qcow2
user-image-name: ubuntu-vm-dhcp
user-image-is-whole-disk: True
ironic-net-prefix: '1.3.5'
bm-hw-cpus: 12
bm-hw-ram: 16384
bm-hw-ram: 32768
oneview-credentials-file: ''
- dsvm-tempest-ironic-{deploy_driver}:
node: 'devstack-gate-ironic-phys-iscsi'
deploy_driver: 'iscsi_pxe_oneview'
branch-override: default
hwinfo-file: ci-oneview-hwinfo-blade5
hwinfo-file: ci-oneview-hwinfo-iscsi-blade7
user-image-file: ubuntu-baremetal.tar.gz
user-image-name: ubuntu-baremetal
user-image-is-whole-disk: False
ironic-net-prefix: '2.4.6'
bm-hw-cpus: 12
bm-hw-ram: 32768
bm-hw-ram: 16384
oneview-credentials-file: ''
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