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......@@ -13,43 +13,53 @@
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
set -euov
set -xeuo pipefail
# Install pip
if [ ! "$(which pip)" ]; then
# Install pip.
if ! which pip; then
curl --silent --show-error --retry 5 \ | sudo python2.7
# Install bindep and tox
# Install bindep and tox with pip.
sudo pip install bindep tox
# CentOS 7 requires two additional packages:
# redhat-lsb-core - for bindep profile support
# epel-release - required to install python-ndg_httpsclient/python2-pyasn1
if [ "$(which yum)" ]; then
if which yum; then
sudo yum -y install redhat-lsb-core epel-release
# Install OS packages using bindep
if apt-get -v >/dev/null 2>&1 ; then
# Get a list of packages to install with bindep. If packages need to be
# installed, bindep exits with an exit code of 1.
BINDEP_PKGS=$(bindep -b -f bindep.txt test || true)
echo "Packages to install: ${BINDEP_PKGS}"
# Install a list of OS packages provided by bindep.
if which apt-get; then
sudo apt-get update
DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive \
sudo apt-get -q --option "Dpkg::Options::=--force-confold" \
--assume-yes install `bindep -b -f bindep.txt test`
sudo yum install -y `bindep -b -f bindep.txt test`
--assume-yes install $BINDEP_PKGS
elif which yum; then
# Don't run yum with an empty list of packages.
# It will fail and cause the script to exit with an error.
if [[ ${#BINDEP_PKGS} > 0 ]]; then
sudo yum install -y $BINDEP_PKGS
# run through each tox env and execute the test
for tox_env in $(awk -F= '/envlist/ {print $2}' tox.ini | sed 's/,/ /g'); do
if [ "${tox_env}" != "ansible-functional" ]; then
tox -e ${tox_env}
elif [ "${tox_env}" == "ansible-functional" ]; then
# Loop through each tox environment and run tests.
for tox_env in $(awk -F= '/envlist/ { gsub(",", " "); print $2 }' tox.ini); do
echo "Executing tox environment: ${tox_env}"
if [[ ${tox_env} == ansible-functional ]]; then
tox -e ${tox_env}
tox -e ${tox_env}
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