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Updated changelog for releasing version 1.0

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......@@ -4,6 +4,21 @@ Lists the main changes in the project.
## [Current Development Version]
- xxxxx
## [v1.0.0] - 2017-01-06
### Changed
- Removed the `NetworkCloudletSchedulerSpaceShared` and moved the specific code that was dealing with packets forwarding to the new
`PacketSchedulerSimple` class. The network examples just worked with the `NetworkCloudletSchedulerSpaceShared` and providing such
a class also required other schedulers such as a `NetworkCloudletSchedulerTimeShared` to include the same packets forwarding code.
Further, there was no way to force the developer to use such specific schedulers for network examples
and using a different one caused runtime errors. With the new `PacketSchedulerSimple` class, there is no
need to use a specific scheduler such as the `NetworkCloudletSchedulerSpaceShared`. Just
a regular one like the `CloudletSchedulerSpaceShared` or any other works accordingly.
The developer doesn't even have to create instances of the new `PacketSchedulerSimple`, since
a `NetworkHost` does this job automatically (closes #57.)
## [v0.9-beta.2] - 2017-01-04
### Added
......@@ -158,9 +158,9 @@
A profile used to execute all goals required to deploy
the project to the Maven Central.
To execute use: mvn clean deploy -P mvncentral
To execute use: mvn clean deploy -P all
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