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Add example class for the new AllocationPolicy

As we finished the unit tests for VmAllocationPolicyMigrationSla, we
move on the implementation process by providing a functional example
for the AllocationPolicy.
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package org.cloudbus.cloudsim.examples.autonomics;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.allocationpolicies.VmAllocationPolicyFirstFit;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.allocationpolicies.migration.VmAllocationPolicyMigrationSla;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.brokers.DatacenterBroker;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.brokers.DatacenterBrokerSimple;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.cloudlets.Cloudlet;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.cloudlets.CloudletSimple;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.core.CloudSim;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.datacenters.Datacenter;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.datacenters.DatacenterSimple;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.hosts.Host;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.hosts.HostSimple;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.provisioners.PeProvisionerSimple;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.provisioners.ResourceProvisioner;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.provisioners.ResourceProvisionerSimple;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.resources.Pe;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.resources.PeSimple;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.schedulers.cloudlet.CloudletSchedulerTimeShared;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.schedulers.vm.VmScheduler;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.schedulers.vm.VmSchedulerTimeShared;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.utilizationmodels.UtilizationModel;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.utilizationmodels.UtilizationModelFull;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.vms.Vm;
import org.cloudbus.cloudsim.vms.VmSimple;
* An example showing the behavior of {@link VmAllocationPolicyMigrationSla},
* which consider the SLA to perform or not perform VM migrations.
* @author Kaio Kassiano Moura Oliveira (@kaiokmo)
public class VmAllocationPolicyMigrationSlaExample {
private static final String LOOSE = "LOOSE";
private static final String TIGHT = "TIGHT";
private static final Double IMPRECISION = 0.001;
private static final int HOSTS = 1;
private static final int HOST_PES = 8;
private static final int VMS = 2;
private static final int VM_PES = 4;
private static final int CLOUDLETS = 4;
private static final int CLOUDLET_PES = 10;
private static final int CLOUDLET_LENGTH = 10000;
private final CloudSim simulation;
private DatacenterBroker broker0;
private List<Vm> vmList;
private List<Cloudlet> cloudletList;
private Datacenter datacenter0;
public static void main(String[] args) {
new VmAllocationPolicyMigrationSlaExample();
public VmAllocationPolicyMigrationSlaExample() {
simulation = new CloudSim();
datacenter0 = createDatacenter();
//Creates a broker that is a software acting on behalf a cloud customer to manage his/her VMs and Cloudlets
broker0 = new DatacenterBrokerSimple(simulation);
vmList = createVms();
cloudletList = createCloudlets();
final List<Cloudlet> finishedCloudlets = broker0.getCloudletFinishedList();
new CloudletsTableBuilder(finishedCloudlets).build();
* Creates a Datacenter and its Hosts.
private Datacenter createDatacenter() {
final List<Host> hostList = new ArrayList<>(HOSTS);
for(int i = 0; i < HOSTS; i++) {
Host host = createHost();
final Datacenter dc = new DatacenterSimple(simulation, hostList, new VmAllocationPolicyFirstFit());
return dc;
private Host createHost() {
List<Pe> peList = new ArrayList<>(HOST_PES);
//List of Host's CPUs (Processing Elements, PEs)
for (int i = 0; i < HOST_PES; i++) {
peList.add(new PeSimple(1000, new PeProvisionerSimple()));
final long ram = 2048; //in Megabytes
final long bw = 10000; //in Megabits/s
final long storage = 1000000; //in Megabytes
ResourceProvisioner ramProvisioner = new ResourceProvisionerSimple();
ResourceProvisioner bwProvisioner = new ResourceProvisionerSimple();
VmScheduler vmScheduler = new VmSchedulerTimeShared();
Host host = new HostSimple(ram, bw, storage, peList);
return host;
* Creates a list of VMs.
private List<Vm> createVms() {
final List<Vm> list = new ArrayList<>(VMS);
for (int i = 0; i < VMS; i++) {
Vm vm =
new VmSimple(i, 1000, VM_PES)
.setCloudletScheduler(new CloudletSchedulerTimeShared());
return list;
* Creates a list of Cloudlets.
private List<Cloudlet> createCloudlets() {
final List<Cloudlet> list = new ArrayList<>(CLOUDLETS);
UtilizationModel utilization = new UtilizationModelFull();
for (int i = 0; i < CLOUDLETS; i++) {
Cloudlet cloudlet =
return list;
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