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      Add ability to signal and perform online volume size change · bbe0f313
      Mathieu Gagné authored
      Allow Cinder to use external events to signal a volume extension.
      1) Nova will then call os-brick to perform the volume extension
         so the host can detect its new size.
      2) Compute driver will resize the device in QEMU so instance can detect
         the new disk size without rebooting.
      This change:
      * Adds the 'volume-extended' external event.
        The event tag needs to be the extended volume id.
      * Bumps the latest microversion to 2.51.
      * Exposes non-traceback instance action event details for
        non-admins on the microversion. This is needed for the
        non-admin API user that initiated the volume extend
        operation to be able to tell when the nova-compute side
        is complete.
      Co-Authored-By: default avatarMatt Riedemann <mriedem.os@gmail.com>
      Blueprint: nova-support-attached-volume-extend
      Change-Id: If10cffd0dc4c9879f6754ce39bee5fae1d04f474
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      api-ref: mark instance action events parameter as optional · d2d84eb1
      Matt Riedemann authored
      For "GET /servers/{server_id}/os-instance-actions/{request_id}",
      the "events" parameter in the response body is only included by
      default policy for administrators. You can get details if you're
      an admin or own the server, but the events are only returned for
      admins by default.
      This change does two things:
      1. Fixes the description of the default policy since admin or
         owner can get action details for a particular request.
      2. Fixes the "events" parameter description by pointing out it
         is optional and only returned by default for admins.
      Change-Id: I6410a0aac223133d8d07fd65c268553ebb9e7e67
      Closes-Bug: #1702573
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      Add BDM to InstancePayload · 1928ec56
      Balazs Gibizer authored
      This patch adds bdm related data to InstancePayload. As loading BDM
      can be expensive a new configuration flag 'bdms_in_notifications' is
      introduced. If this is set to false (as by default) then the instance
      notifications will contain 'null' value in block_devices field.
      If this configuration flag is set to true then the block devices will
      be loaded from the db and will be included in the notification payload.
      Implements: bp additional-notification-fields-for-searchlight
      Change-Id: I18e7483ec9a484a660e1d306fdc0986e1d5f952b
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      doc: Enable pep8 on doc generation code · 62ccbe1c
      Stephen Finucane authored
      As pep8 does not run on doc generation python code so we have some
      style violations there. As it not too hard to fix the problems and
      therefore enable pep8 on these files this patch proposes such a
      Change-Id: I26104ea66fc4f3e67f8227025f43202e483beb25
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      doc: Remove dead plugin · 6671ddc8
      Stephen Finucane authored
      Whatever extra functionality the 'nova.ext.nova_todo' plugin provided
      over the stock 'sphinx.ext.todo' extension, we're no longer using it and
      it prevents us from using the stock one. Remove it and enable the stock
      one instead.
      Change-Id: I57fde86bf77dad87bb4d41ef8ad19f933f5c1260
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      doc: Use consistent author, section for man pages · bf7203ac
      Stephen Finucane authored
      There's a lot of duplication here. Given that 'conf.py' is Python, we
      can simplify this greatly and focus on the real content differences.
      The description text is the same for all options, but this isn't
      centralized as it shouldn't be the same (this field should contain a
      description of each individual tool).
      Change-Id: I1a2a55ac7f041387597ef93be62411fe1673f8c1
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      doc: Remove cruft from conf.py · 19f69bee
      Stephen Finucane authored
      We're going to be doing some surgery on the docs, so clean this up
      before we start.
      Change-Id: I02f129783ebf272d8a92d1364301ab864c97e057
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      Merge "Fix quota class set APIs" · 0ffe7b27
      Jenkins authored
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      Fix quota class set APIs · 92e0efee
      ghanshyam authored
      v2.1 API which does not return the 'server_groups' and
      'server_group_members' quotas in GET & PUT os-quota-class-sets
      API response. v2 API used to return those keys in API response.
      Also filter out the network related quotas from os-quota-class-sets
      Fixing this with microversion.
      Closes-Bug: #1701211
      Closes-Bug: #1693168
      implement-blueprint fix-quota-classes-api
      Change-Id: I66aeb7a92fb5ee906fead78030bd84a2e97916e8
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      api-ref: Add X-Openstack-Request-Id description · 9fbd7861
      Takashi NATSUME authored
      Add the description for the following items
      in the API reference and the API guide.
      * 'X-Openstack-Request-Id' header in request
      * 'X-Openstack-Request-Id' header in response
      * 'X-Compute-Request-Id' in response
      Change-Id: Idd9181c1530eb9576da9941416b697a97c0cfb8d
      Closes-Bug: #1693555
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      Fix a missing classifier · ed666122
      Takashi NATSUME authored
      Add Python 3 in classifier.
      Change-Id: Iaaee1776bbbb1f9dfa5d9ad3a238d0e1422394a0