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    • Matt Riedemann's avatar
      Update placement upgrade docs for nova-api dependency on placement · 3abd5f57
      Matt Riedemann authored
      Change If507e23f0b7e5fa417041c3870d77786498f741d makes nova-api
      dependent on placement for deleting an instance when the nova-compute
      service on which that instance is running is down, also known as
      "local delete".
      Change I7b8622b178d5043ed1556d7bdceaf60f47e5ac80 makes nova-api
      dependent on placement for deleting a nova-compute service record.
      Both changes are idempotent if nova-api isn't configured to use
      placement, but warnings will show up in the logs.
      This change updates the upgrade docs to mention the new dependency.
      Change-Id: I941a8f4b321e4c90a45f7d9fccb74489fae0d62d
      Related-Bug: #1679750
      Related-Bug: #1756179
    • Matt Riedemann's avatar
      Avoid unnecessary joins in HostManager._get_instances_by_host · a1a335f1
      Matt Riedemann authored
      While getting a HostState object for a given compute node during
      scheduling, if the HostState does not have its instance info
      set, either because it's out of date or because config option
      "track_instance_changes" is False, the HostManager still pulls
      the list of instances for that host from the database and stores
      it in HostState.instances.
      This is *only* used (in-tree) by the affinity filters and even
      then the only thing those filters use from HostState.instances
      is the set of keys from the dict, which is the list of instance
      UUIDs on a given host. The actual Instance objects aren't used
      at all. See blueprint put-host-manager-instance-info-on-a-diet
      for more details on that.
      The point of this change, is that when we go to pull the set
      of instances from the database for a given host, we don't need
      to join on the default columns (info_cache and security_groups)
      defined in the _instance_get_all_query() method in the DB API.
      This should be at least some minor optimization in scheduling
      for hosts that have several instances on them in a large cloud.
      As noted in the comment in the code, any out of tree filters
      that rely on using the info_cache or security_groups from the
      instance are now going to be hit with a lazy-load penalty
      per instance, but we have no contract on out of tree filters
      so if this happens, the people maintaining said filters can
      (1) live with it (2) fork the HostManager code or (3) upstream
      their filter so it's in-tree.
      A more impactful change would be to refactor
      HostManager._get_host_states to bulk query the instances on
      the given set of compute nodes in a single query per cell. But
      that is left for a later change.
      Change-Id: Iccefbfdfa578515a004ef6ac718bac1a49d5c5fd
      Partial-Bug: #1737465
    • Vladyslav Drok's avatar
      Placement: allow to set reserved value equal to total for inventory · 7f79758d
      Vladyslav Drok authored
      This is needed for ironic use case, when during cleaning, resources
      are reserved by ironic itself. Cyborg will also benefit from this
      during FPGA programming.
      blueprint: allow-reserved-equal-total-inventory
      Change-Id: I037d9b8c1bb554c3437434cc9a57ddb630dd62f0
    • Matthew Edmonds's avatar
      Update PowerVM hypervisor docs · 30c87c5a
      Matthew Edmonds authored
      This refreshes the PowerVM hypervisor docs with a clearer flow and
      additional information.
      Change-Id: I0b33200b710960e4e8df7333d06c98456c4b0c00
    • Matt Riedemann's avatar
      Update nova-status and docs for required placement 1.24 · 216e232d
      Matt Riedemann authored
      Change Id7eecbfe53f3a973d828122cf0149b2e10b8833f made
      nova-scheduler require placement >= 1.24 so this change
      updates the minimum required version checked in the
      nova-status upgrade check command along with the upgrade
      Change-Id: I4369f7fb1453e896864222fa407437982be8f6b5
    • Eric Fried's avatar
      Granular requests to get_allocation_candidates · 9ef4d766
      Eric Fried authored
      nova.scheduler.utils.ResourceRequest now has a to_querystring method
      that produces a querystring in the format expected by the GET
      /allocation_candidates API.  The report client now uses this method to
      invoke said API.
      Change-Id: I496e8d64907fdcb0e2da255725aed1fc529725f2
      blueprint: granular-resource-requests
    • Eric Fried's avatar
      ProviderTree.has_inventory_changed for new fields · b864d08e
      Eric Fried authored
      The has_inventory_changed method of ProviderTree is deliberately not
      automatically reporting True if the incoming record is "sparse" - that
      is, for a given resource class, it only contains a subset of the keys in
      the existing record.  For example, the caller may want to know if the
      total has changed, but doesn't care about the other fields, so may ask:
      ptree.has_inventory_changed(uuid, {'VCPU': {'total': 3}, ...})
      ...and has_inventory_changed will only compare the 'total' field.
      However, we were doing the same if the incoming record contained fields
      that were *not* in the existing record.  For example, if the current
      inventory was:
      { 'VCPU': {
            'total': 8,
            'min_unit': 1,
            'max_unit': 8,
            'step_size': 1,
      ...and the new inventory was:
      { 'VCPU': {
            'total': 8,
            'min_unit': 1,
            'max_unit': 8,
            'step_size': 1,
            'allocation_ratio': 16.0,  # <== new
            'reserved': 1,             # <== new
      ...the presence of the new fields was *not* enough to trigger a True
      This is problematic because we currently expect to be able to add
      specifically these fields - allocation_ratio and reserved - to an
      inventory record if they are not present (see [1]).
      With this change set, we add a condition to automatically return True
      (inventory *has* changed) whenever the incoming (new) record contains
      fields absent from the existing record.
      [1] https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/050e9202f69b6eeb23026b7350eeb8821ca9f1cc/nova/compute/resource_tracker.py#L83-L125
      Partial-Bug: #1771728
      Change-Id: I80dd6d08322bcedc8535f04baf2e96473f5e3aeb
    • esberglu's avatar
      PowerVM Driver: Localdisk · 026c2a61
      esberglu authored
      Add PowerVM Driver support for local ephemeral disk.
      Change-Id: I9251287451bc2f800ef4a230c3c01598f37b5ad3
      Blueprint: powervm-localdisk
    • Dan Smith's avatar
      Expose instance_get_all_uuids_by_host() from DB API and use it · 6cfcce05
      Dan Smith authored
      We've had a long-standing optimization point in the
      InstanceList.get_uuids_by_host() method, where we pull the entire
      list of instance objects only to strip and return the uuids. We
      already had a query method for generating just the uuids in the
      DB API, but it was not exposed as it was just a helper for another
      method. This exposes it publicly and uses it in that InstanceList
      Change-Id: I35c05e78d59ec9b95c2a443979b8d66cd42ea043
    • Dan Smith's avatar
      Make instance.refresh() avoid recursion better · 549e5a22
      Dan Smith authored
      The instance.refresh() method is careful to prevent recursion, to avoid
      lazy-loads on the object we just pulled from the database. However, it
      was allowing those to raise OrphanedObjectError to the caller to make
      them visible. The caller is not really at fault in that case, and can not
      avoid it.
      The only time this has ever come up is in the context of cellsv1 and the
      keypairs field that it doesn't have set on instances in the child cells.
      Thus, this changes refresh() to just skip fields that are set on the
      current object and unset on the one we pull from the database, as we
      would not be able to refresh those anyway. This logs the situation so that
      it is visible (at DEBUG) if it becomes relevant.
      Change-Id: Ibfca4ae922766b5b977e217594d12e1169ddeee8
    • Dan Smith's avatar
      Make instance able to lazy-load almost everything · 7dc4286b
      Dan Smith authored
      Previously we had a trivial block on the lazy-load handler for instance
      that prevented loading mundane things that couldn't be opted-out during
      a query. There's no real reason for that and we already had the generic
      loader mechanism.
      This removes that limit, and adjusts some of the logic in obj_load_attr()
      to continue providing the same behavior for things like id and uuid being
      missing (which we have lots of existing coverage for). The new behavior
      of being able to load something like vm_state gets a new test, which also
      validates that _load_generic() loads anything else it can from the instance
      it fetches from the database, if not already set on the object initiating
      the load.
      Change-Id: Id0f4027f1fffefdb90240fc484cf3c0554e576d9
    • Zuul's avatar
      Merge "Fix typo in NUMATopologyFilter docs" · 0f703377
      Zuul authored
    • Zuul's avatar
      Merge "Fix inconsistency in docs" · c8fd5ce1
      Zuul authored
    • Dan Smith's avatar
      Fix interpretation of max_attempts for scheduling alternates · 5d86aa7e
      Dan Smith authored
      Since max_attempts is not max_retries, we should look for max_attempts-1
      alternate hosts. This change makes the num_alts variable actually reflect
      the number of alternates we are looking for, and doesn't actually change
      the logic at all. This also adds functional tests to verify max_attempts
      behavior with 1 (no retries) and 2 (one retry), just to make sure it is
      doing what we expect.
      Further, we optimize _get_alternate_hosts() to only re-filter/weigh the
      host list if we're looking for alternates for multiple instances. Now
      that it's clear that num_alts is only nonzero if we are going to look
      at the host list again to find those alternates, it can be more clearly
      (and accurately) used to optimize out that extra step if we are not
      getting alternates.
      Change-Id: I16ba29385dd2db5467829e6c17fc395096b5cfd3
    • chenxing's avatar
      Update the deprecate os_region_name option · d163fb6d
      chenxing authored
      Option "os_region_name" from group "placement" is deprecated. Use
      option "region_name" from group "placement".
      Change-Id: Id44d456bb1bdb0c5564ad4f5d9cdee2f41226052
      Related-Bug: #1762106
    • Robin Naundorf's avatar
      Fix inconsistency in docs · dd1dea22
      Robin Naundorf authored
        * Make the `True` lowercase to reflect examples in config and
          other parameters in docs
      Change-Id: I259d36bc15e034c248ec39b2c5c97ff95986b31b
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